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Services – Courier Service


If you have several pets to be transported, (and possibly even yourself), or you need pet transport on a specific date, at Pets Euro Travel our courier service may be the quickest, simplest, and cheapest option. The price quoted will be for your sole use, and will be much the same cost for one pet or six, and we shall be very happy to supply a quote for tailor made transport to, or from, most countries within mainland EU.




Services – Scheduled Pet Transport Service


At Pets Euro Travel Service our servces also offer scheduled pet transport from UK to and from Spain and Portugal, via France. We will collect your pets from you, anywhere within mainland UK and deliver to your destination address within these countries quickly and efficiently, with personal dedicated attention all the way, and the same applies to the return journey. Prices quoted will be per pet and are fully inclusive with no hidden extras.

Our personal pet transport service is by road; your pets will have our full company throughout the journey, with frequent walks for the dogs. Where ever possible, journey breaks are made in open areas, well away from other animals, people and traffic.

If travelling with a mixed group of pets we take special care to separate and screen dogs from cats etc, and we limit numbers of each type in order to ensure they may travel fully relaxed and calm. Should your pet need regular medication on the journey this will be given to your exact instructions.

If our departure dates from UK don’t exactly meet your own we can often foster small dogs or cats in our own home in Devon, or we can liaise with and collect from your local kennels or cattery. Similarly, in the case of pets returning from Malaga area, we can often arrange short or long term foster care for all sizes of dogs and cats and collect/deliver to your door.

The route taken will vary, determined by the logistics of collections and deliveries for each particular journey. Most of our pets are travelling between UK and Spain, so the route is usually direct, but we may occasionally travel via south-western France or northern Spain. We take pride in a willingness and ability to find remote locations with minimum delay on the overall journey time, and are confident that our pet transport service by road will be many times less stressful to your pet than the alternative of air transport.

We do not employ other firms or couriers, or collect from or deliver to a holding kennel or cattery for later onward transport. Your pet will be collected, transported and delivered personally, door to door – where ever that may be.