Travel Options


We will discuss travel options with you for  both your own and your pet’s preferences.

Your pet will be in the best possible care, with your own and your pets preferences discussed before they travel in our front and rear air conditioned mpv with heat reflective darkened windows.


Travel Options For Your Dog


Provided they are used to car journeys and are sociable, dogs travel in DEFRA approved cages and we can usually fit in their own soft bedding or blanket.

We make regular stops throughout the journey to allow for out-of-vehicle exercise, and give them friendly company and any reassurance they may need. So far as possible, our ‘walkies’ stops are taken in open places, away from traffic and people, and avoid the maximum heat of the midday sun. At the end of the day (when the temperature has cooled) they have one last long walk before bed.


 Travel Options For Your Cat


Cats travel in DEFRA approved individual or double cages, which are screened away from any dogs. These cages have space for bedding, litter tray, and food/water bowls and feeding is carried out to your exact instructions for each individual pet.


 Other Pets


Cage-birds and other pets can be carried in their own cage or in travel box, supplied by the owner. (We can accommodate cages up to approximately 1.0 m height and, whenever possible, we place them immediately behind the driver for company).


 Special Care


If you have a sick or elderly pet, or small puppy or kitten, we will give extra special care with all their more frequent special requirements taken in to account. We will administer any medication to your instructions. We also carry a ramp for dogs which have trouble walking or jumping in and out of vehicles.


Collection From Kennels Or Cattery


Even with the best of efforts our departures may not fit exactly with your own travel dates. We can collect from (or deliver to) a kennel or cattery, and we will liaise with them concerning collection and delivery times.


 Foster Care


In the case of dogs and cats travelling outward from UK, we can often foster small dogs and cats at our home in Bideford, Devon, before departure.

In Malaga area we can also provide both short and long term fostering, arrange for blood tests and obtain their EU Pet Passport.

During the short channel crossing (usually overnight), pets remain in the vehicle (and sleep – as usual at night). Destinations in France are usually reached on the same day. En route to Spain we make a maximum of one overnight stop to Costa Blanca, and two for Costa del Sol. We have found that most dogs much prefer the security of their ‘mobile home’ to being left in a strange room and, therefore, we remain with them in the vehicle throughout the night. So we don’t offer you ‘pet friendly hotels’ for each night of travel – merely constant company.